ATTENTION: For Those who are serious about Learning About Their Bodies And Relieving Pain For Good
Your Exclusive Invitation To Discover The Physio Led Advanced Guide To Relieving
 "Invisible Back pain"  
and Returning To
the Activities They Love

Join Nicole As She Shows You The System That's Helped Hundreds Of Patients Recover From Back Pain 
Secret #1: 

The 4 Key Concepts You Need To Know About The Science Of 

Why do we feel pain? How can we utilise this knowledge to choose the right treatments for us 
Secret #2: 

How To Know When It's Safe To Move With ANY Type Of Back Pain

Physio led advice to show you the best way to move to relieve pain and stiffness.
Secret #3: 

How To Implement These Pain Relieving
Treatments Immediately

Evidence based treatments and advice to guide you on what is likely to be most effective.

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Here's A Sneak Peak Inside!
For a limited time Nicole has opened up the beta version of her course for a half price reduction! 

In easy to consume video lessons she will explain the pain science and physiological changes that can cause back pain and how to resolve them

Plus you'll get a 1-1 virtual appointment with a Chartered Physiotherapist to give you advice and tips or other ways to relieve your pain (Worth £45).


Why Not Get A Second Opinion For Someone Who Truly Cares About Your Success?

Many people spend hours searching through youtube, back pain forums and articles for advice and solutions. They end up wasting hours of time, gaining increasingly frustrated as this doesn't solve their problem and they are still left unable to put socks on or get a good nights sleep. 

The problem is they are looking for answers from a biased population.

Let me explain...
People on back pain forums tend to be people who haven't found the solution. People who's back pain has improved are out enjoying life, not on facebook forums about back pain. This can give us the feeling that recovering from back pain is impossible.

This is simply not true. 


....give you reassurance that your back pain wasn't related to something sinister 

... educate you on how we feel pain and this allowed you to get a small reduction in your pain you to understand which medications work for different types of back pain

...teach you which movements are best for your back pain

... help you get out of bed and a chair with less pain

... allow you to put your socks on

... give your partner a hug without flinching

Would it be worth it?


In The Next 30 Days The Physio Crew Team Intend To Take 100 Patient's Through This Course And Help Them Get Their Lives Back. 

What do patients say? We have over 400 testimonials that can be seen on our website and across social media. We do not publish names to protect patient confidentiality. 

 "Stuart was really professional and gave some great advice to support me. My GP miss diagnosed and I now feel I have answers and support now to aid my recovery"
 "Nicole knew her stuff, was far more thorough and knowledgable than any doctor I’ve seen about my injury, and I feel confident that she can help me achieve my goals"
"Amazed by the result from just one session and how lovely and professional Nicole was. I was recommended by a couple of friends and I will definitely be recommending to others!"
"Very pleased with my initial appointment, Nicole was very knowledgable, kind and professional. So glad I booked to see her sooner rather than later"
"Kamil was lovely and so helpful, she recommended a few things I can do to help myself in the future as well. Very happy"

 "Nichole is friendly professional and very caring, she has a positive attitude and gives encouragement which helps to build confidence."
A huge thank you to this gentleman for providing a video testimonial. 

It's not easy to put yourself in front of the camera but his results needed to be showcased!

After completing 94% of the course within 2 days and then attending his virtual consultation we were able to get him back to running a 5km by the end of the day and his normal mileage by the end of the week!

To give you some background, he had on/ off back pain for 20 years with the most recent episode lasting 6 weeks. 

He had been unable to perform normal daily tasks without pain, having difficulty gardening and restricted to running 1 km until he had to pull up due to his pain.

Back To Running 10KM Within 1 Week 

So Who Can This Help?

Recently Exacerbated Back Pain
Build confidence and get started with gentle movement again.
People Who Have Had Back Pain For Years
You can always learn more about your back. If you are reading this it's still causing you trouble! 
People Who have Had Spinal Surgery
This course is physio led so we can help guide you on whats best for you as an individual.
People Who Have Loved Ones In Pain
Learning about what your loved one is going through can allow you to offer helpful suggestions.

Let Me Mentor You & Join Me And I'll Teach You How To Understand Your Back, What Treatments Are Right For You, And Return To Work. I'll Show You ALL The Secrets...

When you start I'll share the knowledge and techniques I have developed over the last 10 years and teach you how to apply them to your own routine.

You can consume the videos in the convenience of your own home, at your own pace and can ask questions on areas you need more information on in your virtual consultation.  

This course takes out all of the fluff and ignores the techniques that don't work helping you cut through the noise and absorb only the helpful, relevant information, minimising confusion and overwhelm.

Here's Your 2 Day Intensive Fast Track Course Plan

Phase 1

  • Pain Science: Learn about how we feel pain and why this is important.
  • Anatomy Of The Spine: What does the spine look like inside and what conditions can people have.
  • How Do I Know If Back Pain Is Serious: Understanding red flags and when further investigation is needed.
  • ​Medication: What medications help what type of back pain?
  • ​Strategies To Relieve Pain: What you can do to relieve pain.
  • Practical Tips - Advice on how to move with freedom and relieve pain in difficult situations.

Phase 2

  • Virtual Consultation: A assessment with one of our Chartered physiotherapist to give a second opinion and offer advice on other things you could try. We can also answer any questions you may have about Modules completed in phase 1. One of the most valuable parts of the course to provide reassurance and education to help you.
  • Exercises: Available once you have completed your virtual consultation.
  • ​FAQ:  Here you can have your questions answered by a Chartered physio. 
  • ​Patient Stories: Discover how others have succeeded in recovering from back pain.
  • ​Extra Resources : links to our top recommended resources for people with back pain.
Here's A Sneak Peak Inside!

The Fast Track Pain Relief Training Modules - Valued £499
Virtual Consultation - Valued £45
Exercises Videos - £69.99
Access to Private Facebook support group - Priceless!

Early Bird Special Offer
Over 50% Off Limited Time

Claim Your Special Offer Now:

Full 2 Day Course + FREE Virtual Consultation for just £89.99 (Usually £199.99)!

That's less than you'd spend on a food shop!

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Upgrade For Personal Chartered Physio Led Coaching (£190): Fast track your recovery with expert physio advice and treatment from a professional. 6 x virtual 1-1 consultations to help guide you through the course and progress your exercises and treatments. This will give you unique strategies to help you achieve the most with your back and finally allow you put your shoes on again, enjoy your hobbies and return to work.


Even though it’s super affordable, I still want to make sure you’re 100% happy. I never like to have any patient leave unsatisfied.

As part of your full 30-day warranty, you have 30 days to go through the course with me, watch every video in full, take every suggested step that's relevant for you and implement the things you learn. After the 30 days, if it’s not everything I said and amazing value, and you show me you’ve tried it daily, you get a full refund. We can even stay friends. :)
This Course Is For You If...
  • You want a holistic program that addresses pain science, movement re-education, pain relieving techniques and pain relieving strategies!
  • ​You want to understand how to train yourself to follow a system and strategy which helps you progress quicker and return to the hobbies you love!
  • ​You are serious about returning to work and following a professional system.
  • ​You want to develop your skills and knowledge so you can feel in control of your back pain !
  • ​You want to connect with other people with back pain
  • ​You want to be part of an exclusive community with physio led advice..
This Course Is NOT For You If...
  • You want hands on treatment from my team (until lockdown is lifted).
  • ​You don't want help and support from a community
  •  You think you know everything and want to take advice from people with no medical grounding to their opinions.
  • ​You aren't willing to participate in the virtual consultation or complete the course.
  • You are not willing to try and have a list of excuses you intend to use everyday!
  • ​You expect this to work if you never apply any strategy I give you! It is all here you won't need anything else. But you need to implement it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can This Work For?
This course can work for all types of back pain including people who experience symptoms into their legs or have had surgery. The concepts in this course educate the individual on the science behind pain and pain relieving techniques so it helps them teach others and apply it to many other injuries. The virtual consultation with an experienced physio offers a second opinion and helps to show blindspots where care can be improved and offer techniques that the individual may not have tried.
What Exactly Should I Expect From The Training Program?
The course is consumed by easy video modules.  Each unique training will help you understand and treat your back pain allowing you to get started immediately on practical pain relieving strategies. Following your virtual consultation this will help off reassurance and direction in the most effective way to resolve your pain.
Can This Benefit Me If I Have Had Surgery In The Past?
This program helps you to form a daily routine that improves range of movement, independence and manage flair ups. Many people have not dived into the detail of pain science and how this can give us confidence and build trust in our bodies again. The virtual consultation will guide you in the appropriate exercises for you as an individual. 
How Long Are The Training Videos?
This course is designed for people in pain. Often when we are in pain we can't sit for hours watching training. For this reason we have cut out all of the fluff and condensed the training modules in 3-6 minutes. Great for those who need to consume the content quickly and start applying the concepts straight away. Yu can listen whilst walking, travelling or in a position you find comfortable.
How Long Each Day Will This Routine Take Me?
Once you have completed the course you should be able to complete your routine in 5 -10 minutes daily depending on if you want to do exercises once or twice a day. 
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