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What Does Your Call Involve?

  •  Listen To Your Story -  Our therapist will gain a clear understanding of your problems and difficulties.
  • Alert You If You Need Immediate Referral: Our experts can identify whether there are any worrying features to your pain and refer you on if needed. This is a perfect opportunity to silence that voice that it may be something serious.
  • Clear Plan Of Action: We will map out your plan to recovery and give you focus on the fastest route to recovery.
  • Ideas You Haven't Thought Of: Many people feel they have tried everything. We break down what you have done already and what potential treatments may help you.

Fast, Effective Relief

These health conscious professionals know their bodies matter

Despite deciphering blogs, Dr. Google and friends advice what they really want is to block out the noise and know the RIGHT answer. 

A simple microchip with years of experience, knowledge and expertise in treating their particular injury somehow downloaded straight to their brains. So confused about what to do they try everything but without consistency or results.

 They see injury as frustrating and holding them back from achieving success.

Become A Rehab Ninja

This specimen is rare. Someone with laser focus on their goal and prioritising their health.

They understand to help others and themselves they need the right knowledge, tissue capacity and treatment to achieve long term success

You won’t see them trawling through google, wasting valuable time or listening to cowboys on instagram. 

They are scientific, crave understanding of all aspect of injury and seek long term resolution of pain.

"My Team Of Angels"

You and your team have the ability to ease pain and educate clients on how to best reach their own goals and potential...

 I first met you on 28 tablets a day and thought I'd never walk properly again ... Let alone put socks on and paint my own toenails 😅 

With your amazing support and therapy I've now had 2 hip replacements within 12 months alongside physio followed by sport therapy massages and one to one training.

 I'm now pill free, pain free, and very educated and motivated to be able to live my life to the fullest.

 I walk freely every day, I do workouts, I can run down the beach and into the sea, I put my socks on and smile each and every day.

 I do describe you as my team of Angel's 😇 I'm so very grateful that our paths have crossed and you've helped me in my journey to a very wonderful life. Thank you from the centre of my ❤  

"Nicole made me feel instantly at ease. 
She listened to my story and after speaking to her over the phone I have had 3 sessions and my pain is already so much better! 

I wish I hadn't wasted the last 6 months and had met her sooner. The discovery call put my mind at rest that this was the perfect company for me. 

I am proud to say I am now back to gentle exercise and can sleep again."

The Science

We read the research so you don't have too. 

We understand that you don't have time to read hundreds of clinical studies, buy expensive equipment or cope with the pain of a trial and error approach with no guarantee of improvement.

Take advantage of our in depth knowledge, critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

As a team we decipher the clinical evidence, practical experience and combine it with university level education to bring you the best advice and results.

The Art

Clinical expertise to bring you long lasting results.

The art of sports physio is how to bring scientific information together and apply it to you as an individual.  A unique character with different ambitions and goals. 

Whether you want to play with your children, beat a friend in a triathlon or simple want to get back to the things you love we can help. 

The art is taking experience and knowledge and ensuring you are choosing whats best for you as an individual.


 Injury can be a lonely time and make us feel down.

Many fear they will not get back to the things they love, return to sport or ever be strong or pain free again.

 Humans crave certainty and injury is uncertain. 

Thats why sports physio’s are the best people to help guide this process. With experience seeing others with the same injury we can provide education, strategies and treatment to help overcome this aspect and help you feel reassured and at ease.


The thing we care most about is your results.

Ultimately we are judged based on our ability to change peoples lives.

We work holistically to help you achieve the best possible result.
Many people don’t succeed because they don’t know the correct path to recovery. We will push you and hold you accountable as well as using expert skill to ease symptoms and pain through this process.

Discovery Call

It can be difficult to know whether sports physio’s the right thing for you so this call is designed to help find out about your problem, give basic advice and see whether we can help you.

Whats The Catch?

This no obligation call is a complimentary service we provide. 

We know that if we do a good job and help people in our local community when you know of someone who has an injury or someone requires massage you’ll think of (and hopefully) recommend us!

Why Should You Book A Discovery Call?

Ask an expert questions about your injury
Discuss what you have tried and possible alternatives
Gain reassurance as to whether sports physio is necessary or not
Know how to get started with the right treatment
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