"Confidence, Energy, And Happiness - A Journey To A Better You"

Do You Feel Lost Due To Pain Or Anxiety?

Have simple tasks such as cleaning the house, going outside or walking become unbearable? Are you fed up of relying on friends and family?

Explore the skills successful athletes, business owners & those interested in self help use to relieve pain and perform better.

Master the skills needed to improve your mood, independence, relationships, activity levels and sleep in just 10 minutes a day.

No Pills, Potions Or Lotions

Do you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and need a break from pain?

Are you struggling with sleep, putting your T-shirt on or tying your shoe laces?

Have you tried everything to relieve pain and aid your recovery?

Everything? Are you looking for natural ways relieve pain and feel more in control?

Did you know that your brain produces powerful endogenous pain relieving neurotransmitters such as Oxytocin, Enkephalin and Serotonin?

So why do some brain's restrict this and stay in constant fight / flight mode? Imagine if you could learn the ability to turn that switch on/off? Pain relief at will and relaxation with a short exercise.

Learn the techniques we use with clients to help them unlock the power of the brain through neuroscience and deep relaxation states.

Discover The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

Did you know achieving a Theta relaxation brain state has a psuedo-drug effect which can result in analgesia, reduce anxiety, relieve spasm and lower blood pressure (Gemma and Patrick, 2009)?

Chronic Pain

This course is perfect for people who have had pain for more than 3 months. We know the pain system can be sensitised after this period due to conditioning.

Fibromyalgia, cancer, neurological conditions, burns, back pain, musculoskeletal pain all affect the central nervous system.

These techniques have also benefited people who expect that they will not recover such as terminal disease or long term conditions where they are looking for natural solutions to ease pain in situations where they can't use traditional pain relief methods.

Sports Injuries

Ever noticed Jonny's Wilkinson's pre kick routine? The sequence that triggers his focused state?

The ability to perform under unbelievable pressure despite high stakes?

What could you do in this deep focused state?

Could you identify false beliefs holding you back?

False beliefs like...

✔️I will never be as good

✔️This injury will always affect me

✔️If I exercise I will re injure myself

✔️My wife will never love me the same way if I can't be physical

✔️My children will think I'm boring if I can't play with them


Why is it that some people have consistent performance?

They seem to have level energy, never be in pain, have the magic touch and always pull it out the bag when needed?

These select few have mastered the mental game.

They have trained their brains for success. Altered their state to facilitate good sleep, mood and elicit peak performance with a snap of their fingers.

Whether you are athlete or not being able to master your brain can help people feel more in control, confident and calm. The best thing? No drugs, lotions or potions!

Are You In Constant Fight/ Flight Mode?

Do you want to feel more in control of your life and sympathetic nervous system?

Do you feel like you are on a constant treadmill and that you may fall off at any moment? Or constantly on the edge of melt down due to stress and worry?

Desperate to regain control of your physiology, emotions and pain system?

What Are You Missing Out On?

Master Your Brain, Master Your Life - If this course doesn't work you lose a small amount of time and learn some relaxation techniques - there is no negative consequence. If it works you harness the power of your brain and unlock your potential, improving sleep, feeling more in control, more focused and achieving your dreams.

Train Your Brain

The brain is neuro plastic and that means it can change - whatever your age.

The key is self awareness.

Could you recognise if you were going into fight/ flight mode? Could you change it?

Break free from the shackles of pain, anxiety and stress by learning the secrets of your unconscious mind.

Our mission is to change peoples lives through education on the power of self help with as few drugs, operations and invasive procedures as possible.

Pain-Free Pathways: Neuroscience and Self-Hypnosis for Healing

Ditch alcohol, smoking, work and drugs as a way to escape. Learn healthy techniques to give your mind a break from the pressure, pain and stress of everyday worry.

Clearer focus and ability to connect with others rather than a constant need to run away or hide from the world.

Reduced decision fatigue and overwhelm. When we are in pain or injured we often feel lost. The certainty of our life's direction is challenged. This can cause incredible loneliness and low mood.

Gain clear thought on your priorities so you can create a life you don't need to run away from. Overcome stress and pain through visualisation and strategies to step into the person you want to become. It's difference for everyone. An explorer, a parent, a lover, an adventurer. You choose.

Meet Your Trainers

Hi, I'm Nicole Crewe and I've worked as a Physiotherapist for over 10 years. The link between stress, anxiety, poor performance and PAIN has always been clear to me.

I searched for a HOLISTIC solution that could help patients master their nervous system without non-effective drugs and operations.

Earlier this year I experienced the power of NLP techniques and self hypnosis. I knew instantly this would be a life-changing tool for my patients.

Not to replace formal diagnosis by a doctor or physio but as a POWERFUL adjunct to help people manage their pain, create better focus and be able to live fulfilled lives.

I set about finding a qualified Hypnotherapist who could help teach principles of how this could help people.

Martin is the mastermind behind the podcast Calming Anxiety. With over 64K subscribers and 1 million downloads his guided meditations speak for themselves.

This course combines our knowledge and skills to provide people with a go to resource.

Our mission is to change people's lives through education on the power of self help with as few drugs, operations and invasive procedures as possible.

Harness The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

Thousands of Nicole's patients treated, 8 million + downloads of Martin's podcast. What Do Others Think?

Client M, 2023

Martin has made a huge difference in my life.

The biggest difference has been feeling in control. During hypnosis but also out of it.

His sessions are relaxing but also transfer into daily life. If I am being hijacked by my emotions I know have a pause moment 'I am in control.' This has improved my relationship with family and friends.

Patient T, 2023

When I saw the techniques included self hypnosis I thought this won't work on me. But I had nothing to lose so I went all in.

Calm, focused and relaxed. It's now a daily practice.

Patient X, 2023

Nicole has transformed my life. She treats holistically and breaks down the science so that it's easy to understand.

Before I met her I experienced pain daily and now have no pain and I have returned to walking my dog. I now feel in charge and able to focus on the things that I want to.

Patient W, 2023

I practice the visualisation before every race. Nerves and anxiety are there but never bother me now. Amazing. TY

Patient Y, 2023

I had no idea relaxation could be such an effective help for my pain and headaches.

After your appointment I have listened to the sessions everyday and it's making a difference. I have not had a cluster headache since my last visit and when I recognise fight or flight response I practice the breathing.

My girlfriend has noticed and my work feels less stressful.

Thank you.

Client E, 2023

Thank you for your gifts. I found this in a dark point of my life and they have truly been a lifesaver.

What's Included

Master your self conscious with educational module that will help you understand how to recognise your sympathetic nervous system is taking over.

Learn strategies we use with our patients to regain control over this system to relieve their pain and improve performance.

Listen in to sessions we use with patients to help them implement NLP techniques and self hypnosis into their life to overcome fear and get back to the things they love.

If you're not happy we're not happy and offer a 100% no question money back guarantee.

How Much Will This Investment Cost?

What's included?

BrainWave Mastery Modules

Worth £397

  • Easy, short videos to make complex content easy to understand.

  • How to recognise flight/fight mode.

  • Techniques used to bring the brain into a more productive state.

  • The science behind pain and the secrets

  • What brain states relieve pain, increase sex drive, reduce anxiety and how we access them.

  • Tips on how to stay focus and improve performance.

BrainWave Example Exercises

Worth £397

  • 10min, 20min and 1 hour examples of self hypnosis and relaxation sessions we have used with our clients.

  • Example sessions of which exercises we use to achieve different brain waves.

  • A go to resource when you are looking for inspiration of what has worked with other clients.

HypnoFocus Morning Routine

(Worth £99)

Kick Start


(Worth £99)


Diary Planner

(Worth £99)


BrainWave Mastery Modules - Valued £397

Brain Wave Mastery Example Exercises -Valued £499

10mins A Day HypnoFocus Routine £99

Kick Start Challenge - Valued £97

BrainWave Mastery Diary Planner . - £99

Access to Private Facebook support group  - Priceless!

Total Value: £1191 ($1484)


BONUS: Purchase Today To Access A 1-1 Session With Martin

(Limited Availability)

Discover more about how hypnotherapy may benefit you and to discuss the course modules and which ones may suit you.


  • BrainWave Mastery Modules

  • Brain Wave Mastery Example Exercises

  • 10mins A Day HypnoFocus Routine

  • Kick Start Challenge

  • BrainWave Mastery Diary Planner

  • Access to Private Facebook support group


1-1 virtual session with Martin Hewlett

Who Can Benefit?

Education on your nervous system can be life-changing and finally give you a 360 approach to pain management.

Martin and I have seen this benefit people with:

  • Anxiety

  • Chronic pain / Neuropathies

  • Phobias

  • Poor performance

  • Back pain

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Whiplash

  • Sports Injuries

  • Repetitive Strain

  • Stress related pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Inflammatory arthritis

  • Poly trauma

  • Post partum pain

  • Neurological Conditions

Who Is This Not For?

Despite being a powerful tool for growth and pain control NLP techniques and self hypnosis are not for everyone.

The information in this course educates and cannot advised on the techniques suitable for you as an individual.

People with psychosis or bi polar would not be suitable for self hypnosis unless a psychiatrist has recommended it.

We recommend coming in with an open mind.

There are many myths and Charlatans that give hypnosis a bad name. Science proves that if you have a firm belief something won't work, it won't. Your belief becomes a self fulfilling proficiency.

Our reputation relies on getting exceptional results so it's best we are honest here. If you have a fixed mindset we recommend you explore that first, this course isn't for you. If you have a growth mindset and are open to learn - you are ready to start your journey.

The course includes a 1-1 session with Martin to allow you the opportunity to any ask questions you may have and discuss which techniques you may benefit from.

Have You Had Enough?

Are you ready for change?

Living in pain is draining. This is your opportunity to learn about different brain waves. Research shows through NLP and self hypnosis you can move through different brain waves by changing your physiology- something as simple as breathing differently or focusing on a particular exercise.

This makes you extremely powerful.

It puts you in control so if you need to access a brainwave that helps you with focus for a difficult tasks, you can. Or if you need a break and some analgesia you can enter a brainwave that can mimic a drug

(psuedo-drug effects - Gemma & Patrick, 2009). The best part? No drugs, lotions or potions.

Today's Offer

  • BrainWave Mastery Modules

  • Brain Wave Mastery Example Exercises

  • 10mins A Day HypnoFocus Routine

  • Kick Start Challenge

  • BrainWave Mastery Diary Planner

  • Access to Private Facebook support group


1-1 virtual session with Martin Hewlett

Do I Need A Doctor Referral To Buy This Course?

No you do not need a doctor referral. This course is designed to share the knowledge of two qualified and experienced clinicians. It documents the journey of things that have helped other patients to give you inspiration and hope. An online course cannot diagnose or give specific advice for an individual. If you choose to implement your learnings you do so at your own risk. The course includes a 1-1 session with Martin who can guide you on techniques that would be suitable for you as an individual.

FAQ image

Will Learning NLP Or Self Hypnosis Just Mask Symptoms And Cause Me To Damage Something?

In the same way that we wouldn't advise you to take Ibruprofen to mask pain and run a marathon you should not ignore undiagnosed pain. This course is an adjunct to help people with pain, suboptimal performance or anxiety and by no means is to suggest that we advise patients to complete self hypnosis whilst jumping on a trampoline.

This course educates you on your nervous system and how to desensitise the pain system. It does not replace advice from a medical practitioner. If you have an undiagnosed musculoskeletal disorder why not book a virtual session with Nicole to help you gain a clear plan? Completing relaxation exercises in a quiet environment will not cause any damage to an injury.

FAQ image

Does Self Hypnosis Cause Someone To Have Power Over Me? I Want To Be Fully In Control.

The biggest myth around self hypnosis and NLP is that someone will have influence over you. You are fully in control during hypnotherapy and fully aware. No one can steal your credit card information or do anything you don't want to. My experience is that it feels like deep relaxation. I can hear everything around me and feel completely in control.

FAQ image

What Does The Course Involve?

The course is an online training designed to provide you with the education and research behind each exercise that we use with our clients/patients in clinic. There are videos explaining each exercise and what they are used for. The 'sessions' section includes example sessions that focus on retraining the subconscious mind. We do not take responsibility for the misuse of these sessions. It is your responsibility to book your call with Martin or seek an assessment to confirm which exercises are suitable for you.

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Who Are The Trainers?

Nicole is a qualified MSK Specialist Physiotherapist with additional training in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Diagnostic Ultrasound Therapy. She has personally spent over £20K on self development courses to learn the skills to master performance and help others.

Martin is a qualified Hypnotherapist with the popular podcast Calming Anxiety. He was previously a paramedic and now offers 1-1 sessions to help people overcome pain, phobias, false beliefs and so much more from his study in North devon or via virtual appointments.

Both trainers understand the physiology of the body and the role of the brain. Their unique combination of skills and the courses easy to consume formate will leave you wondering how you survived without these techniques before.

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Is There A Guarantee?

If you're not happy we're not happy. We offer a no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you get inside, complete at least 25% of the videos and don't get unbelievable value then we'll happily refund you the cost of the course. Once refunded, you will lose access and not be able to view new sessions that are added.

Our mission is to change peoples lives through education on the power of self help with as few drugs, operations and invasive procedures as possible.

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